A-Leg-Gro PED

Piano Pedal Extenders & Height Adjustable Footstool

Sustaining & Una Corda Pedals

Supplied with a strong canvas bag

The height adjustable footstool supports both feet from the very first lesson, ensures good posture and encourages a correct hand position.

The pedal extender enables the introduction of pedalling to smaller children.

Can be installed and adjusted in seconds: ideal for examinations, festivals or concerts.

Heel remains firmly on the footrest

Hand position is maintained

Piano stool remains in place

Approved by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and Trinity College for use in their examinations.

Used by teachers, music schools and junior music colleges throughout Europe and the Far East.

Suitable for all makes of piano and keyboard with no risk of damage to instrument or pedal.

Designed in the UK.

The unique pedal action of the A-Leg-Gro PED enables teachers to introduce the technique of pedalling correctly to smaller children. The benefits of an early introduction to the pedal are now increasingly recognised. Most piano methods destined for children aged 5 - 7 include a section on pedalling, as, very often, do pieces at early grade examinations.

With an A-Leg-Gro PED, the choice of repertoire is widened, critical listening is encouraged, and a child is able to enjoy the thrill of the increase in resonance brought about by the use of the pedal.

Precision-engineered with an elegant black satin finish and brass pedals.

Footrest platform size: 34cm x 36cm.
Height adjustment: 8cm* - 21cm.

Weight: 6kg.

*The minimum height setting may vary slightly
according to the positioning of the piano pedals.